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NextVR Applications

NextVR NOW features curated content. This is a limited sample of the full content catalog. This app is a showcase of past NextVR broadcasts and no virtual headset is required for the experiences. This app works with most Android and iOS mobile devices. 

NextVR is the complete app. This app works in PlayStation VR, Windows Mixed Reality, Daydream and Samsung Gear VR headsets. With NextVR you have access to a dynamic catalog of immersive experiences and live VR broadcasts of your favorite sports and entertainment events.

NextVR Screening Room

International fans can now enjoy every NBA game with a NBA League Pass, and Single Game Pass subscription within the NextVR app. NextVR Screening Room is live only and respects local blackout restrictions. These experiences are two dimensional and provide a unique environment to experience your favorite players and teams in the NextVR.

Supported Hardware

PlayStation VR:

NextVR is available on PS VR

Windows Mixed Reality:

to check your if your PC is ready for mixed reality please use this handy tool: Windows Mixed Reality PC Check

For a list of supported headsets and to purchase please visit: Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Samsung Gear VR:

NextVR requires Android 6.0 or later. 

To check your device compatibility and learn how to setup your headset visit: Getting Started With Your Samsung Gear VR

Google Daydream:

NextVR requires Android 7.0 or later

To check your device compatibility or purchase visit: Daydream-ready phones


iPhone 6 or later

iPhone only works with the the NextVR NOW Application.

Device Not Compatible

If you try to use the Google Play Store to download NextVR with Samsung Galaxy you may get an error, "Device not compatible." 

When using a Samsung Galaxy please use the Oculus App Store with Gear VR to download and install NextVR. When using a Google Pixel please use the Google Play Store with Daydream View to download and install NextVR.

Why can't I see a live broadcast in my area?

NextVR and third parties we work with strive to present content and live broadcasts to as many areas as possible. If you can't see desired content in your area this is because of blackout restrictions. 

Our press releases provide a list of available areas to view our events. If you would like to know if an upcoming event is available in your area please visit the programming and events section of our website. 

A quick note about NBA LEAGUE PASS NextVR respects NBA LEAGUE PASS blackout restrictions, this includes local region blackouts. To learn more about NBA blackouts and to check blackouts in your area please visit: League Pass Blackouts

How much does NextVR cost?

Currently, NextVR does not charge fans to use our app. However, some content may require membership to third-party services.

Can I invest in NextVR?

We appreciate your interest in investing with NextVR. At this time, NextVR is privately held and not seeking investment.

Will NextVR attend my conference or event?

NextVR considers attending and speaking at events and conferences on a case-by-case basis. 
If you would like NextVR to consider your event, please provide the following information in an email to 

Event Name: 
Event Date: 
Event Location: 
Event Summary: 
Event Website:

Will NextVR broadcast my event?

We appreciate your interest to use our equipment to broadcast your event. Our production crews are employed through NextVR and are not available to use broadcasting resources for third-parties.

Press Opportunities

Please direct all press inquiries to

Can I use NextVR as a vendor?

We appreciate your interest, however, NextVR is not a vendor and our production services are not available for hire.

What is NextVR?

NextVR is the world’s largest virtual reality broadcast platform that delivers live sports and entertainment to fans around the world. We bring the front row experience to fans with extraordinary access to the greatest events with industry leaders including NBA, NFL, Live Nation, International Champions Cup, NBC’s World of Dance while offering original programming throughout the year. 

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Be the first to know about the upcoming games, events and concerts in virtual reality.

Be the first to know about the upcoming games, events and concerts in virtual reality.