NextVR enables the transmission of live, long-form virtual reality content in broadcast quality – leading the way for live and on-demand VR to become a mainstream experience for sporting events, concerts, cinematic productions and more. Launched in 2009, NextVR has more than 26 patents granted or pending for the capture, compression, transmission, and display of virtual reality content. NextVR's platform allows the fully immersive content to be streamed with pristine quality using current home and mobile Internet connections. NextVR was founded by veterans in stereoscopic imaging technology, software development and an award-winning filmmaker.  

NextVR has developed a custom
lens-to-lens system for capturing and delivering
live and on-demand virtual reality experiences
in true broadcast quality.

More Than 23 Patents Granted and Pending for Virtual Reality Technology:

  • Content
  • Delivery
  • Transmission
  • Playback

With its patented technology, NextVR is the only company capable of transmitting live high definition, three-dimensional virtual reality content over the Internet delivering a completely immersive and life-like experience for the viewer.