NextVR enables the transmission of live, long-form virtual reality content in broadcast quality – leading the way for live and on-demand VR to become a mainstream experience for sporting events, concerts, cinematic productions and more. Launched in 2009, NextVR has more than 26 patents granted or pending for the capture, compression, transmission, and display of virtual reality content. NextVR's platform allows the fully immersive content to be streamed with pristine quality using current home and mobile Internet connections. NextVR was founded by veterans in stereoscopic imaging technology, software development and an award-winning filmmaker.  

Golden State Warriors NBA Championship Ring Ceremony and Opening Night Game Against New Orleans Pelicans to be Publicly Available to Fans in Virtual Reality


NextVR is broadcasting live, in virtual reality on Tuesday, October 27th at 7:30pm PT / 10:30pm ET. Tune into the opening night of the 2015-16 NBA season in virtual reality, as the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors take on the New Orleans Pelicans.

Experience this event by downloading the NextVR app and opening it in your Gear VR headset with either your Samsung Note 4 or Galaxy S6 phone.

Follow these steps to tune into this event!

Insert the mobile phone into your Gear VR Headset and navigate Oculus Home to download the NextVR experience.  You will find the NextVR app featured front and center.

  • Run the NextVR experience and be sure it’s not playing Coldplay.
  • You’re ready to go! The live stream begins at 7:30 p.m. PT.

Update the NextVR app if you see NextVR Coldplay experience in Oculus Home.

  • Open Oculus Home on your mobile phone while it is not loaded in the Gear VR headset.
  • Tap “Library” and scroll to NextVR and tap “Update.”
  • Pop your phone back into the headset and the NextVR experience should be updated to show a thumbnail featuring the “NBA Live VR.”

Update Oculus Home if you see NextVR Coldplay Experience with no update option.

  • Uninstall NextVR from Android Application Manager on your mobile phone.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and then click the “gear” icon to get to settings.
  • Go to Devices->Applications->Application Manager->NextVR-> Uninstall to remove the app.
  • Now re-download the NextVR experience, which should feature the “NBA Live VR” thumbnail in Oculus Home.

For additional support, please contact

Live support before and during game time are available from:

  • Helen Situ | | Twitter @HelenSitu
  • David McCreary | | Twitter @dvdmmc